At present, over 60% of UK police forces and in excess of 30% of fire authorities choose us as their security partner.

As a UK based supplier to the UK public sector, we are ideally placed to assist you to meet your InfoSec and cyber defense needs. With a raft of legislative and regulatory standards to meet, we provide a sophisticated range of encryption, network, gateway and endpoint security suites that are as complete as they are simple to deploy, manage and live with.

The Sophos National Blue Light Commercial Model

We understand the rigorous strain on police forces and fire authorities to remain secure and compliant whilst achieving mandated cost-saving targets. This is why we work nationally, regionally and locally to deliver more security for less spend.

We are continually talking to our customers and enhancing our offering to ensure it meets the real security needs to combat the changing threat landscape which exists in today’s IT world. There is a balance between Complete Security and cost pressures, but as we all understand security in this sector is too important to allow it to go wrong and risk business disruption to frontline policing and firefighting due to IT systems not working.

Our National Blue Light Commercial Model is designed with ISIS and regional collaboration in mind, yet respects the autonomy and individual requirements of each separate force and authority. We know that proposals demonstrating regional collaboration are getting the most attention within Blue Light procurement, yet the longer timescales of such projects can slow progress and delay savings being made. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Consolidate Your Network Security and Protect Remote Users

As you move to more agile remote working, the need to consolidate point gateway solutions to remove complexity and cost is even more acute. Our Unified Threat Management solution provides a central firewall accredited to EAL4+ and modular email, web and endpoint security on a single box. Connecting branch sites back to head office via our Remote Ethernet Device removes the need for a hardware firewall on each site to achieve further savings on energy, engineers and hardware.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Securing data at rest and in transit requirements have now moved beyond just encrypting data on hard disks & removable media. With more Blue Light organisations using cloud-based storage and needing separation of data on in-house file shares. Our Safeguard Enterprise suite meets these evolving needs with certified, robust yet easy-to-manage encryption.

Sophos Complete Security and Compliance

PNN, PND, GPMS regulations together with Blue Light organisations own internal demands mean a significant risk of hefty fines and a damaged reputation if users fail to comply. We can help make compliance easy, so you can:

  • Shield your business with integrated Data Control and email encryption – manage protectively marked documents and emails
  • Jump start your policies with pre-packaged intelligence focused on the latest threats around web, email and endpoint
  • Manage your compliance with customised reports and scheduled reporting
  • Quickly set and deploy compliance checks straight out of the box