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Add cross-platform data loss protection to your solution

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Sophos Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SDK offers an easy-to-integrate, cross-platform data security solution to those who want to implement DLP capabilities within their products and bring them to market quickly. We have made this process fast and efficient by using our existing anti-malware engine and content analysis engine. Our Data Loss Prevention capability identifies files, extracts and converts text, and searches for sensitive data. SophosLabs provides a comprehensive library of sensitive data definitions, giving you launch day detection for all common types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as financial and healthcare data.

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Market differentiation for you.

Bring in additional revenue by providing your existing customers a lightweight DLP solution.


Simplified data loss prevention for your customers.

Help your customers comply with data security and data privacy regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA and prevent loss of intellectual property.

Managed Threat Response


Proven technology. Easy to implement.

  • Optimized for endpoint and gateway performance.

    Sophos DLP engine is deployed on over 10 million endpoints and in thousands of gateway appliances.

  • Low operational cost, zero maintenance.

    Our solution requires no maintenance from you. Secure data is rolled out automatically to customers using our updating system.

  • Simplified compliance. Improved performance.

    The solution provides pre-packaged and customizable data types for controlling sensitive content, and increased efficiency by performing threat and DLP scanning in a single pass.

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