Your Firewall and Endpoint – Working Together

XG Firewall is part of the world’s best cybersecurity system, integrating in real time with Sophos Central and Intercept X.

100% Application Visibility

Intercept X is constantly sharing networked application information with XG Firewall. Together, they identify, control and provide SD-WAN routing of your important business apps all while blocking any unwanted apps.

Monitor Health and Identify Threats

XG Firewall and Intercept X work together to continuously share health information over Security Heartbeat™. This means you know the state of your network at a glance and are instantly notified of any active threats.

Automatic Threat Isolation

When either XG Firewall or Intercept X identifies a threat, they work together to provide an automatic response. Dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection isolates a compromised host to prevent spread, hacker communication, and data loss.

Lateral Movement Protection – Your Network Autopilot

secure infected systems video

The problem:

Once hackers or threats get on your network, the first thing they will try to do is move to other systems – laterally. They seek to gain control of as many systems as possible.

The solution:

Lateral Movement Protection, a Synchronized Security feature, stops threats dead in their tracks. It prevents the threat or hacker spreading to other systems, stealing data, or communicating back to the host.

How it works:

When a threat is detected, XG Firewall coordinates a synchronized defense with all other endpoints on the network. This isolates the compromised host even on the same switch or network segment.

Synchronized Application Control

A Breakthrough in Application Visibility

Synchronized Application Control automatically identifies all unknown, evasive, and custom applications running on your network. You be able to easily prioritize the ones you want, and block the ones you don’t.


How it works:

  1. Synchronized Application Control is activated whenever there is unidentified application traffic on the network

  2. Intercept X shares the application path and executable with XG Firewall through Security Heartbeat™

  3. XG Firewall automatically classifies the new app and you can change its category any time

  4. The new application can now be controlled by policy to block, throttle, or prioritize it

Synchronized User ID

Agentless User Identity

Synchronized User ID shares User Identity between Intercept X and XG Firewall. This eliminates the need for separate agents on your Active Directory server or clients for reliable user identity.

One Console to Manage It All

Sophos Central

Sophos Central enables you to manage all your Synchronized Security protection through a single cloud-based platform.

The Sophos Central dashboard consolidates all your Synchronized Security alerts, enabling you to focus on what’s important. It also makes central management of all your firewalls and other Sophos products a breeze.

Sophos Central is accessible from anywhere, on any device, at any time. It doesn’t get any easier – and it’s free. You don’t need to deploy anything or pay extra to make your life easier with Sophos Central.