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University of Southern Queensland Teaches Cybercriminals a Lesson With Sophos MTR

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Number of users
2500 employees in Australia
27,500+ students from around the world

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Sophos MDR for Endpoint and Server
Sophos Phish Threat
Sophos Device Encryption

Founded in 1967, University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has over 50 years of experience in educating students from around the globe. A recognized leader in online and blended education, USQ is renowned for its supportive environment and student-focused commitment to learning and teaching.

Business Challenge

  • Needed to ensure proactive protection, particularly throughout COVID-19 when many staff were working remotely. 
  • Required a cybersecurity solution that could face the evolving threat landscape especially targeting the education sector.

The benefit of using Sophos

By partnering with a proactive service, USQ has full assurance it is protected by a team of highly trained technical support representatives that “has its back”. MTR is also cost efficient. It not only eliminates the cost of hiring several full-time employees, but it also frees up existing resources from performing such things as admin, analysis and reporting to focus on other priorities.

 "Sophos MTR allows our resources to do more. We trust the MTR service is doing its job and that the Sophos team will be in touch if something needs to be discussed. When we see the MTR team calling or emailing, we stop and give them our full attention, because we know it’s important. The level of partnership we have with Sophos is unprecedented,” concluded Luke Drury, Cybersecurity Manager at USQ.

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