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Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewall sets the standard for what a powerful firewall can do. It continues year after year to collect awards and garner praise from administrators and IT professionals who experience Sophos Firewall’s impact firsthand.

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“Simple setup and good admin user interface for the competent professional. Lots of features and choice of licensing to enable only what you need and pay for it. Comprehensive real time reports. Excellent backup and firmware update capabilities”
Chief Technical Architect
“It provides seamless integration with Active Directory, in my case all internet users go via the radius server to get network access, and for Internet authentication one uses captive portal which is synchronized with my AD.”
Business Systems Analyst
“It is one of the leading firewall solution available in market. The implementation and configuration was really easy and it's features are really great with a lightning fast performance.”
Senior Executive
“The best firewall we have implemented. Easy to install, manage, and configure. The protection it offers at the perimeter level is unmatched.”
Product Manager
“It integrates the best in leading-edge protection technology such as exploit prevention…”
Support Engineer

Intercept X

Intercept X is the ground-breaking, next-gen endpoint security product changing the way businesses keep their end users safe. But don’t take our word for it – Intercept X is racking up awards and positive reviews everywhere. See why Sophos is winning awards.

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“I like the holistic approach to security. The endpoints, ransomware, and awareness are my favorites because they focus on entry points and user awareness. The solution is very easy and fits into our Cloud/SaaS first strategy.”
Head of IT
“Without a doubt Sophos Intercept X is one of the best antivirus systems we have used. It is quite silent, it is constantly scanning the entire computer detecting malware and eliminating any threat, so that at all times our system is protected.”
Selling Manager
“Sophos Intercept X is a great product we have been using constantly in our computers for some time and it works perfectly. We also added anti-ransomware and EDR and it has turned out to be a very powerful trio to keep us free of threats.”
General Manager
“Great product, should have switched sooner. Seamlessly integrated into our IT stack while providing significant improvements in threat detection without increasing negative business impacts.”
“Sophos Intercept X has been a great addition to our local security. We have it installed on desktops and servers and it provides solid protection. I like how easily we can manage the clients. We spend less time worrying and dealing with problems.”
IT Support Specialist
Intercept X Screenshot

Best Endpoint Security
2018 / 2019 / 2020

Leader 2021

4.8/5 Customer Rating Endpoint Protection Platforms

Best Managed Security Service 2020

#1 Exploit Protection

Editor's Choice

Endpoint Protection #1, Perfect Score

Sophos Home

In cybersecurity, every device is at risk, whether you’re in the office or at home. And every device deserves the same level of trusted security.

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Sophos Home Screenshot
“Sophos Home Free gives consumers antivirus protection built for business, including remote management, and it gets great scores in lab tests and our own tests.”
Neil J. Rubenking | PC Mag
“Where other security suites are a metaphorical armed guard at the gates, Sophos is more like a standing army on the opposite side of a moat filled with rabies-infected alligators.”
Seth Mercy | IGN
“Best overall antivirus software. Sophos Home Premium has the most extensive and up-to-date approach to fighting malware at an unbeatable price.”
Glenn Fleishman | Macworld
“Sophos Home Premium expands on basic antivirus with protection forged in the company's Enterprise-level products. The results are excellent, though some features may be too complex for some users.”
Neil J. Rubenking | PC Mag
“So I decided to have a meeting in London a few months ago with Sophos and it literally blew my mind. They showed me how easy it is for cyber criminals to hack you – but also how easy it is to stop those trying to get to you.”
Becky Sheeran | Youtuber/TV Presenter
“Road-tripping in style. Last time I was in South Africa I took a wild drive to the Cederberg to test out Sophos Home cybersecurity software, in some of the most rural areas of the Western Cape. Much like this epic 4x4, I was super impressed by how well it ran.”
Dan Carter | Photographer
“David Bernstein once said that for every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick or break in. It’s just now, in the 21st Century, it’s not my bike lock anymore. It’s my passwords and my data.”
Lawrence Carpenter | Professional Cyclist

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