Synchronize Your Email Protection

Malicious email and phishing attacks remain a huge risk for organizations. Sensitive data on corporate devices are increasingly open to theft and hacking, and private communications need to stay private. Powered by AI, Sophos synchronizes endpoint protection and firewall appliances to secure email communication with the most advanced security on the market.

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Keep end users safe with advanced email protection

Sophos solutions protect sensitive email automatically and transparently. Policy-driven email encryption scans outgoing messages for sensitive data and automatically encrypts attachments. End users need take no action – this automated process quietly protects them without ever slowing down their work flow.

End users can have the option to encrypt their own messages using an Outlook plugin, while Sophos Email enables users to manage their encrypted email in their preferred email client.

Plus Sophos Email secures Office 365 from malware, spam, and phishing attacks. Keep unwanted eyes off your organization’s valuable data everywhere: online, offline, on desktop or mobile.

Plus, with just a few clicks, admins can create policies to determine when to block or encrypt outgoing messages automatically. Take the guesswork out of email security with Sophos.

Sophos Email Protects with:

Smarter Email Security

Powered by A.I., Sophos Email detects and blocks new and emerging threats, and gains deep visibility into email attachments detonated in the Sophos cloud sandbox.

Impersonation Protection

Our advanced AI capabilities analyze messages to identify phishing attempts impersonating trusted senders before they hit your inbox

Email Encryption

Secure sensitive data and make compliance easy with TLS, push and pull based encryption that makes it easy to communicate securely.

Sophos helps you meet regulatory requirements for Email Protection

Sophos email protection offers a solution for any organization, from enforced TLS encryption prevent eavesdropping when messages are in transit, to push-based encryption with secure reply portal, to full portal-based pull encryption.

Built for those value simplicity of management without compromising on protection, Sophos Email automatically scans message bodies and attachments for sensitive data, allowing you to easily establish policies to block or encrypted messages with just a few clicks. Alternatively, give users the option to encrypt emails themselves with our O365 add-in.

Secure email better with Sophos Email Protection

Backed up by SophosLabs 24/7/365 global support and over 30 years in the data protection business, Sophos email is effective, scalable and offers complete enterprise-level security for companies of all sizes. We offer free fully functional evaluations, demos and no obligation quotes. Get in touch with Sophos to secure against evolving threats today.

Sophos EmailO365 Security

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