Our Cloud Secure Web Gateway offers “everywhere” web protection for your mobile users. It blocks advanced web threats, prevents data loss on devices, and enables granular visibility, control, and security for the mobile workforce. For cloud service providers, managed IT vendors, and security vendors looking to add cloud-based security to their repertoire, this solution comes with enterprise-class web protection, rich features, and extensive reporting – all with Sophos Cloud simplicity. It all adds up to an unrivaled approach to SaaS, delivering web and mobile security to market as part of your own brand.

Go beyond traditional on-premise network security.
Add SaaS web protection to your solutions.

Globally distributed SaaS web protection that protects sensitive company data and roaming users and devices everywhere. 

  • Block advanced, non-signature malware threats
  • Reduce IT complexity – mitigate risk of data loss on phones, tablets, and PCs
  • Get granular web filtering, application awareness, and real-time activity reporting for network traffic, including destination, category, user, and device
  • API analyzes network traffic in realtime with popular SIEM applications like Splunk or Q-Radar

Lightning performance, superior end-user experience

Dependable and scalable security combined with minimal latency for maximum security. All of which combine to make for a better experience for your users. 

Hosted in the cloud,
zero on-premise software

Reliable, globally-deployed cloud infrastructure. All data centers are SOC 2 compliant and monitored around the clock.

Fully-brandable SaaS platform

Add a fully-brandable and compelling cloud web security solution to your existing portfolio.

Join the leader in OEM security.

Become a Sophos OEM partner and transform your business with
easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use OEM security technologies.