Feature Requests

How would you change it?

If you have a great idea for a new feature, you can submit it for evaluation by the Sophos Product Management Team. You can also vote for other users’ ideas. Choose what product you’d like to improve:


Unified IconGo to UTM Feature Requests

Mobile iconGo to Mobile Feature Requests


When you visit one of these sites, the first thing you’ll see is a list of ideas. There are three tabs to choose from:

  • Hot – ideas receiving the most interest (a mix of visits, votes and other indicators)
  • Top – ideas receiving the most votes
  • New – the most recent ideas

You can also see the history of your own contributions by selecting My Ideas or My comments.

You can show your support for an idea by clicking on the Vote button. You can add your own comments to existing ideas. Or you can suggest your own improvement. The interface doesn’t need much explanation. Make sure you search before adding an idea, to avoid duplication.

Once added to the site, ideas accumulate votes which show Product Managers how much support they’re getting from the user community. Votes don’t guarantee development, but they help with decision making. When your idea is under active consideration, its status changes (Under review, Started, Completed, etc) and then you’ll be kept informed by email. Hovering over the status button tells you how long ago that status was awarded.

You can only add an idea, comment or vote if you’re already signed in (just enter your email address). You can vote up to three times for an idea, and you have a total of 20 votes to play with. So long as an idea has not yet achieved “Planned” status, you can change your mind, and re-assign your votes to other ideas. Once an idea has been released (or rejected), you get your votes back.

So, don’t delay, sign up and tell us how you would change it.

If you have suggestions for Sophos products that are not shown above, please contact Technical Support.