Amana Bank Tanzania

A Combination of Advanced EDR and Firewall Delivers Advanced Protection to a Tanzanian Bank

Amana Bank is a full-fledged, licensed, and registered commercial Islamic Bank in Tanzania, operating under Sharia Compliance. Since it began its operation in 2011, the bank has experienced tremendous growth and has assumed a prominent role in the banking and finance industry in Tanzania. This growth is backed by a continuously scaling IT infrastructure to meet the demands of the business and its clients. This has meant the bank now has to secure its network and endpoints from a growing attack surface, made worse by the sophisticated nature of attacks. The small, but supremely efficient IT Team at Amana Bank, therefore wanted to build a cybersecurity posture that protected them from known and unknown threats, in real-time and at the same time was easy to control and manage. Sophos emerged as the perfect security vendor for their needs.

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