Multiple Vulnerabilities (AKA FragAttacks) in WiFi Specification

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Sophos UTM
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On May 12, 2021, the researcher Mathy Vanhoef released a security advisory disclosing multiple medium severity CVEs for the 802.11 Wireless Network Specification, which is applicable to a wide variety of WiFi products. These vulnerabilities can be triggered by an adjacent attacker. If exploited, these vulnerabilities may lead to information disclosure under certain conditions, as well as unauthorized participation in a vulnerable network.

Sophos customers using any of the products mentioned below are impacted. If you are not using these products, you are not impacted.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

  • Sophos Firewall (XG and XGS) products with both integrated and add-on WiFi modules
  • Sophos UTM (SG) products with both integrated and add-on WiFi modules
  • APX 120, APX 320/X, APX 530, APX 740 access points (all management platforms)
  • AP 100/C/X, AP 55/C, AP 15/C access points (all management platforms)
  • RED and SD-RED with both integrated and add-on WiFi modules


Sophos is working on porting available patches to the impacted firmware versions for all of the products above.

Update Timelines

XG(S)/SG managed APX (APX120, APX320, APX530, APX740)End July 2021
XGS Integrated Wi-Fi and Optional Wi-Fi moduleEarly Aug 2021
Central managed APX (APX120, APX320/X, APX530, APX740)End Aug 2021
Central managed AP (AP100/C/X, AP55/C, AP15/C)End Aug 2021
XG(S)/SG managed RED and SD-RED Wi-FiEnd Sep 2021
XG Integrated Wi-Fi and Optional Wi-Fi module v18.xEnd Sep 2021
XG Integrated Wi-Fi and Optional Wi-Fi module v17.5Mid Oct 2021
XG(S)/SG managed AP (AP100/C/X, AP55/C, AP15/C)Mid Oct 2021
SG Integrated Wi-Fi and Optional Wi-Fi moduleEnd Nov 2021

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