Security Threat Report 2014

Smarter, Shadier, Stealthier Malware

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Since our last report, malware and related IT security threats have grown and matured. Malicious code authors are far more adept at camouflaging their work—using the dark parts of the Internet—creating new threats that are smarter, shadier and stealthier.

Press Kit Trends for 2014

Windows: The Growing Risk of Unpatched Systems

Starting in April 2014, Microsoft will offer no new patches for Windows XP and Office 2003. Meanwhile, Windows patching has emerged as a significant issue in specialized markets such as point-of-sale (POS) and medical equipment.

Web-Based Malware: More Sophisticated, Diverse & Hidden

In the past year, dangerous, difficult-to-detect web server attacks by Darkleech and exploit kits like Redkit have been responsible for more drive-by download attacks against vulnerable web users.

Staying Ahead of Today's Most Sophisticated Attacks

As malware attacks grow increasingly complex and elusive, security companies must respond with greater intelligence, flexibility and speed. SophosLabs is doing just that.

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