How much data are you giving away?

Led by Global Head of Security Research at Sophos James Lyne, our World of Warbiking project intends to raise awareness about the alarming state of wireless insecurity.

Take a tour with James as he rides his computer-equipped bicycle through the streets of major cities around the globe—to find out how our hunger to be online at all times is leaving millions of people and companies vulnerable to hackers and spies. 

Watch our videos from the London and San Francisco rides to see the results of James's investigation, and to learn more about how our insatiable need to stay connected can be an invitation to people who want to do us harm.

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Fine print: Keeping it legal

Detecting wireless networks requires specific practices to avoid breaking the law. Our objective was to collect general statistics about wireless security, and we did this in a non-damaging, non-invasive way that didn’t require individual sign-off. Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t have similar ethical standards and use lots of sneaky tools to access your network. We only collected high-level data within the confines of the law to understand the general state of wireless security. Here are more details on how we collected the data in a legally responsible way.

Keeping it legal