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The Google Play “Super Antivirus” that’s not so super at all… [REPORT]

SophosLabs has published a technical report digging into the details of a not-so-super "Super Antivirus" charade on Google Play.

5 ransomware as a service (RaaS) kits – SophosLabs investigates

A look at five RaaS kits and how each is marketed and priced

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We're entering peak retail season, so here are three simple tips to help convince your friends and family to Stop - Think - Connect...

2018 Malware Forecast: the onward march of Android malware

Android malware is on the march, with ransomware an increasing threat

2018 Malware Forecast: learning from the long summer of ransomware

SophosLabs looks at the summer of 2017's most prolific ransomware families

Office DDE attack works in Outlook too – here’s what to do

DDE attacks can be run from within Outlook emails and calendar invites

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