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Malware grows smarter, more complex and more rampant by the day. And there are more ways for it to spread than ever before: the Internet, personal computing devices, file downloads, email, social media... the list grows.

You must protect the corporate IT environment from it all. Antivirus software is just the beginning.

You need to ensure partner and personal devices comply with your security policies before they connect to the network. You need to prevent workers from downloading and running applications that can create gaps in your security. You need to block phishing attacks before they land in inboxes. And you need to ensure the network doesn’t get bogged down by the security technologies designed to protect it.

You must do all this while supporting the business. But malware is complex, and protecting the corporate IT environment is a full-time job. A solid defense can reduce the risk to your business by protecting all routes of attack.

You need security that:

  • Protects all points — endpoint, email and web access
  • Detects new malware proactively without the need for an update
  • Provides antivirus, firewall, application and device control in a single product
  • Defends all your platforms, including Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and more
  • Even detects most sophisticated blended threats
  • Can be easily enhanced with new protection as new threats arise

In a word, you need Sophos.

We give you what you need: protection, prevention and performance. Plus, we make it all easy to manage so you can focus on what’s important — your business.


An effective malware defense does more than detect. It protects.

We help you stay ahead of the game with:

  • Antivirus — Practical host intrusion prevention and cloud-based intelligence
  • Live protection — Up to the minute protection against the latest threats
  • Web protection — Multi-layer protection from even the most sophisticated web threats
  • HTTPS scanning — Peer inside encrypted sessions
  • Spyware protection — Protect productivity by preventing spyware installations
  • Intrusion prevention — Keep your network safe from outside assaults
  • DoS protection — Protect your network against artificial traffic floods


To create a secure IT environment you must address multiple sources of infection.

We stop malware with:

  • Network access control to check that computers meet your security policies before allowing them on the network
  • Application control to stop employees from installing or using unauthorized applications
  • Device control to prevent the use of unauthorized devices
  • File type control to minimize the impact of high-risk and suspicious downloads
  • Encrypted VPNs to secure communication with branch offices and remote workers


Security should help your users, not slow them down. We reduce the impact on your computers with a single client, efficient scanning and protect your network, so you can provide a safe, productive environment.


We give you all this in a single solution that’s easy to manage. So you can address urgent issues quickly, reduce security gaps and save money.

Choose the level of protection that’s right for you.

Complete Protection: Network, endpoint, email and web protection with antivirus, firewall, application control, device control, encryption, intrusion and data loss prevention. Take a free trial.

Mix and match: Functionality to customize a solution.

No IT specialists? Our small business solutions are tailored for companies with fewer than 100 users.

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