Security Goals

Learn how Sophos can help you meet specific security goals.

The distributed nature of today’s IT environment and the complexity of threats make security goals difficult to achieve without continuously updated protection. Sophos provides that protection, and we make it simple to manage.

Learn how we can help you:

Secure your network

Network security can be complex and time consuming. You need to protect your network against sophisticated intrusions or denial of service attacks. But at the same time connect multiple locations and provide easy access for mobile and wireless users. We keep your network infrastructure secure and safe with security applications including firewall, secure VPN, IPS, email security, web filtering and application control. All managed from a simple-to-use, all-in-one appliance.

Eliminate malware

The ever-changing nature of today’s malware means you need a reliable defense that protects all routes of attack. Our proven protection stops threats fast and is also incredibly low maintenance for you. We do all the fine tuning, so you don’t have to be a threat expert, we’ll protect your business 24/7 against new and emerging threats.

Protect your data

Data is stored on all kinds of devices, accessed from everywhere and shared by everyone. Losing data can only bring problems for your business, from simple inconvenience to heavy fines. We help you protect data wherever it is and even let you control who can access it and what they can share.

Prove you’re compliant

First you put all the right security measures in place, and then you need to monitor and report on policy compliance. We can help you prove you meet regulatory requirements or your internal governance goals, by giving you the tools that let you demonstrate compliance quickly and easily.

Stop spam

Your users will not accept inboxes stuffed full of spam and missing important mail. New spam campaigns spring up every few seconds and our instant antispam updates adapt protection just as quickly as the campaigns come and go. We’ll ensure your inboxes are free of spam no matter what spammers come up with next.

Control web browsing

The web is both a great business tool and the single biggest source of malware infections today. You’ll need to let people work online wherever they are, but you also need to control the security, content and productivity risks.  We’ll eliminate the malware threat and let you control web browsing simply and easily with our web protection.

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