Sophos Web Appliance: Internet Explorer 7 and spaces in FTP Passwords

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  • Updated: 11 Jun 2012

The Web Appliance will not prompt users for their username and password for FTP sites that require authentication. The Web Appliance will attempt anonymous login by default and generate an error if that fails. If special credentials are required, your users must supply the username and password for the FTP site as part of the URL. For example:

Note: If a user has an FTP password that contains a space character and tries to access the FTP site with IE7 through the SWA after forming the URL as above, it will fail authentication.

This fails due to a bug in IE7. Without a proxy set, IE7 will access the FTP site directly via FTP and not FTP over HTTP. When IE7 is set to use a web proxy for FTP, it will use FTP over HTTP. The problem occurs when IE7  rewrites the % character with its hex code of %25, resulting in the incorrect encoding of %2520 for the single space character.

The workaround for this situation is to modify the password so that is does not contain spaces or to use a different web browser.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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