Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows: Error 3057 encountered when installing in a multiple Domain Controller environment

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  • Updated: 26 Jan 2012

The following error may be encountered when installing on a Domain Controller:

Error 3057. There was an unexpected error while attempting to create, repair or delete a user account. Contact your support personnel.

Actions/What to do:

Please check in Active Directory to see if this user account exists:


You may notice there are multiple instances of this, eg:


This issue can happen when the first 10 digits of the hostname of your Domain Controllers are the same.  This is because the <machinename> only users the first 10 digits of the hostname and as a domain controller has no local users so they share the same syntax for creating the account.

To resolve this issue please follow KBA 48910 to manually create an account and registry keys that will be used as the impersonation account by the domain controllers.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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