Clients cannot resolve the DNS name in Quarantine Digest email - how to change the URL

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  • Updated: 25 Nov 2015


Your client computers cannot resolve the domain name in the Quarantine Digest email, so you would like to change the URL.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange

What to do

PureMessage version 3

To change the web address of the quarantine digest website link provided in your PureMessage digest emails:

  1. Download the PureMessage support tools from the Sophos website:
  2. On the server running PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange, extract the contents of the zip file.
  3. Open the ConfigEditor folder and double-click the ConfigEditor.hta
  4. Select 'Local' from the configuration drop-down list and then click the Load Configuration button.
  5. Locate <QuarDigestWebsiteUrl> and change the URL according to your needs.
  6. Click the 'Save Configuration' button and click OK on the two popup confirmation messages.
  7. Close PureMessage and then re-open it.

PureMessage version 4

  1. Stop the Sophos PureMessage service
  2. Browse to the below folder:

    \Program Files\Sophos\PureMessage\Config\LastKnown\

  3. Make a backup copy of the below file:


  4. Open the below file using Windows Notepad:


  5. Within the file's text, locate the <QuarDigestWebsiteUrl> entry and change it to the required URL
  6. Save LocalConfig.xml and exit Notepad
  7. Start the Sophos PureMessage service

Checking the new URL is in use

To confirm your changes are effective, you can either wait for the next Quarantine Digest email, or you can force PureMessage to send one using:

  • The scheduled task Sophos-PureMessage-QuarDigestTask
  • The below command from a command prompt:

    \Program Files\Sophos\PureMessage\bin\firejob.exe 2

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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