PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange: error 0x80072030 when installing or upgrading

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  • Updated: 19 Nov 2008


When installing or upgrading PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange, you get error code Com error 0x80072030, and the message "Setup unable to add users to PureMessage Administrators: no such object."

Sophos product and version

PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange 3.0.1

Operating system

Windows Server 2003

What to do

  1. Open Active Directory, Computers and Users and find the PureMessage Administrators group.
  2. Move the PureMessage Administrators group to the "Users" folder.
  3. Continue with the installation or upgrade.

Technical Info

This error may appear when the Sophos PureMessage Administrators' group has been moved from the Users Organisational Unit in Active Directory.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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