Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows: error 0x80040F04 after installation

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  • Updated: 06 Nov 2015


The following error is found in the Sophos AutoUpdate trace log file:

Trace([DATE] [TIME]): Calling package_source_init
Trace([DATE] [TIME]): TrySyncProduct, Calling BeginSync
Trace([DATE] [TIME]): File escdp.dat not found. Return code 0x80040f04
Trace([DATE] [TIME]): Could not read master upd file: error 0x80040f04
Trace([DATE] [TIME]): Error -2147217660 in ReadCustomerIDFile

First seen in
Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+


This error is found when the server cannot be contacted, and Sophos Anti-Virus cannot update.

What To Do

Check the following:

  • did you use the correct username and password in your update details?
  • does 'Everyone' have full permissions to the Central Installation Directory (CID) folder?
  • are you using a proxy server?
  • is your internet connection functioning correctly?

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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