Enterprise Console displays message 'Awaiting Policy from Console' or 'Awaiting Response from Client'

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  • Updated: 05 Nov 2013

One of the following messages relating to a client computer is displayed in the Enterprise Console:

Awaiting Policy from Console
Awaiting Response from Client

A message like this may be displayed following deployment.

Sophos product and version
Enterprise Console 

Operating system

What to do

Note: For more information about groups, policies, and using the Enterprise Console, refer to the Enterprise Console documentation.

  1. Verify that you have opened the Remote Management System (RMS) ports on the Windows Firewall: these are ports 8192 and 8194,  and ensure that there is no network device between your clients and the Enterprise Console, which could be blocking RMS communication. The following article gives an overview about how the firewalls have to be set up:

  2. Check that the following services are running:
    1. Server hosting Sophos Enterprise Console
      • Sophos Agent
      • Sophos Message Router
      • Sophos Certification Manager
    2. Client
      • Sophos Agent
      • Sophos Message Router
    3. Message Relay (if used)
      • Sophos Agent
      • Sophos Message Router

  3. In the Enterprise Console verify that the affected clients are not members of the Unassigned group. If the clients are member of the Unassigned group then move them to one of the groups you have set up.

  4. In Enterprise Console select the clients which are ‘Awaiting Policy from Console’ or ‘Awaiting Response from Console Status’ then right-click on a client and select ‘Comply with All Group Policies’.

If the status of the client does not change, run the Sophos Diagnostic Utility (SDU) on an affected computer and on the server hosting the Sophos Enterprise Console (if there is a Message Relay between the client and Enterprise Console run the SDU there as well).

Go to https://secure2.sophos.com/en-us/support/contact-support/support-query.aspx and create a new case. Include a description of the issue and what you have already done. Please attach the output of the SDU from all systems.



If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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