PureMessage for UNIX: how to troubleshoot a “socket_map_lookup(pmxbl)” error in the system maillog

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  • Updated: 26 Jan 2015

How to troubleshoot a "socket_map_lookup(pmxbl)" error in the system mail log for PureMessage for UNIX, version 5.2.1 and later.

You may find the following errors in the system mail log and PureMessage pmx_log.

From the system mail log:

<time stamp> mail sendmail[<pid>]: <message id>: SYSERR(root): socket_map_lookup(pmxbl): failed to read length parameter of reply

From the PureMessage pmx_log:

0 <time stamp> [<pid>,pmx-blockerd] Error reading from MTA: Connection timed out

What To Do

  1. Verify whether the FEATURE(`delay_checks') feature is used in the sendmail configuration file. Check the /opt/pmx/sendmail/etc/mail/sendmail.mc file if using PureMessage-Sendmail.
  2. If so, remove this feature, because this is an unsupported feature that we do not ship with PureMessage-Sendmail.
  3. Restart sendmail afterwards.

If you would like to allow certain senders and/or recipients before blocking messages based on relay IP addresses, then you should implement the 'Message is from blocked IP' test in your policy.

If the FEATURE(`delay_checks') feature is not used, then please contact Sophos Technical Support by sending a Support Request. We may ask you for your sendmail configuration file and your system mail log to troubleshoot further.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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