Error: 0000006f Could not find a source for updated package PureMessageSpamRules

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  • Updated: 13 Jan 2015


The anti-Virus updating component, Sophos AutoUpdate displays the error 0000006f when it cannot find the package it is to update from. A related text error message is often also displayed (in this case for the spam rules):

Error:  Could not find a source for updated package PureMessageSpamRules

First seen in
PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange
Enterprise Console


This error is most often seen on Windows servers running PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange in conjunction with Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+.

The error code can be displayed in a number of different circumstances

  • if you are not authorized to use the package you are trying to download
  • you are using incorrect credentials
  • if you have a proxy server problem.

What To Do

Check the following:

  • your Sophos download details
  • your proxy server details
  • ensure that you are using the correct Sophos credentials, and that you are licensed to use the product concerned.

To check that you are using the correct credentials in the right place

  1. Open Enterprise Console.
  2. In the bottom left hand pane, double-click your Updating policy (to locate the correct policy see article 118111).
  3. Highlight the affected package.
  4. Click 'Configure'.
  5. Note the credentials in the Primary and Secondary server tabs.
  6. On the affected workstation, right-click the Sophos shield in the system tray.
  7. Select 'Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control'.
  8. Under 'Updating' select 'Configure updating'
  9. Compare the credentials displayed on both the Primary and Secondary location tabs with those you noted above. They should be identical. If they are not, from Enterprise Console or the Control Center, highlight the affected computer and click the 'Protect Computers' button.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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