What's new in the SMC 4.0 Windows Phone Client?

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  • Updated: 03 Nov 2015

What's new in the SMC 4.0 Windows Phone Client?

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Mobile Control 4.0

Operating systems
Windows Phone 8

SMC 4.0 Windows Phone Client - overview

Due to new regulations by Microsoft for the Windows Phone Store, we have to have an option for the user to prevent push notifications.

  • In the settings the app tells the user that push notifications are used
  • The user can deactivate them

If push notifications are deactivated, the client sends "No Location possible" to the server including a custom property that the user deactivated the push notifications. If location is used in the compliance rules, the device will become non-compliant.

We strongly recommend NOT to disable the push notifications since the user would disable most of the app functions

Additional information:

The app that is used during a default roll out is installed via a Sophos server and not via the Windows Phone Store.
The version from the Sophos server will not have the ability to disable push notifications.

Push notifications are essential and used for the following

  • Locating the device
  • Sending messages to the device
  • Telling the user that the device is not compliant


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