Encryption Update failed message when upgrading to SEC 5.2.2

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  • Updated: 13 Jun 2014


At the end of the installation of Enterprise Console 5.2.2 you see the error message:

Encryption Update failed.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.2.2.


At the end of the installation an executable is run to patch the Encryption installation.  If this fails the following message is shown.

What To Do

If you do not have any managed encrypted clients you can ignore this message.

If you have an encryption license and have endpoints using encryption, do as follows:

  1. Un-tick "Start Enterprise Console", "Restart now" or "Log off" checkbox and close the installer by clicking 'Finish'.
  2. Open a command prompt as the account used to run the SEC upgrade and run:
    C:\sec_522\ServerInstaller\EncPatch\enc_patch_sec.exe -tracing=1 
    • The executable can be found in the server install folder under 'EncPath'.
    • The database account set during the SEC installation has read and execute rights to all files in this folder.

If there are still failures that cannot be overcome, proceed with rebooting the machine, open the Enterprise Console and verify that the 'Global encryption' policy dialog displays the correct settings.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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