Updating an evaluation of Sophos Mobile Control 4.0 with a license.sql file

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  • Updated: 05 Dec 2014


I have installed Sophos Mobile Control 4.0 using a trial license.
After purchasing the product, I have received a license.sql file for download.
When running the License Update Wizard, I am asked to enter an activation key, which I do not have.

How can I update my Sophos Mobile Control license?

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Sophos Mobile Control 4.0

What To Do

To successfully update your license, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Operating System where Sophos Mobile Control is installed on.
  2. Download the license.sql file from the link specified in your license schedule.
  3. Copy the file to the %MDM_HOME%\INSTALLATION (C:\Program Files x86\Sophos\Sophos Mobile Control\Installation\) folder overwriting the existing file
  4. Run the Sophos Mobile Control Configuration Wizard (shortcut available from the Start Menu on the server) and stop the Sophos Mobile Control service
  5. Skip the database configuration and continue with completing the wizard (no changes required)
  6. The license file should now be imported into the database
  7. Start the Sophos Mobile Control service again

After following the above steps, the new license should be applied correctly.


If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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