What does the "Check APNS" button in the Mobile Control iOS app do?

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  • Updated: 17 Jun 2015

This article explains what the "Check APNS" button within the Sophos Mobile Control iOS app does.

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How does the APNS check within the Sophos Mobile Control iOS app work?

With the Sophos Mobile Control iOS 4.0 app, a new functionality was introduced to check the connection to the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) gateway. This check can be performed by pressing the "Check APNS" button in the "Support" tab of the app.
Alternatively, press the small "Info" button in the upper right corner of the "Home" tab. The "Check APNS" button is also available in there.

By pressing this button, the app tries to open a HTTPS connection to https://1-courier.push.apple.com:5223 (this server is the Apple server which sends out APNS notifications). The expected response time from this server is within five seconds.

For this test, there can be two possible results:

  1. If the remote server responds within 5 seconds with a certificate request then we will assume that the connection to the APNS gateway is possible for the device. The SMC app cannot answer the certificate request as the required client certificate is part of the iOS operating system.Access to that certificate is not granted and only possible for the operating system.
    A notification will be displayed showing the connection was successful and how it was established (WWAN or WiFi)
    The device should correctly receive APNS messages sent out by the SMC server.

  2. A timeout occurs or the connection was not possible because of an error. A notification will be shown saying that APNS is not reachable.
    Due to this, the SMC server cannot send APNS messages to the device.
    In that case, make sure the network your device is connected to allows the connection to APNS using port 5223.

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