Google gets blocked by Country Blocking

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  • Updated: 23 May 2014


Though you have not blocked Google URLs they are being blocked by content blocking.  Users see the block screen below with 'Country' shown as 'China'.


A corresponding log entry will look like the following:

2014:04:28-12:00:00 UTM httpproxy[24773]: id="0067" severity="info" sys="SecureWeb" sub="http" name="web request blocked, connection to forbidden country" action="block" method="CONNECT" srcip="" dstip="" user="" statuscode="403" cached="0" profile="REF_DefaultHTTPCFFProfile (Default content filter profile)" filteraction="REF_DefaultHTTPCFFAction (Default content filter action)" size="3258" request="0x1d352ee0" url="" exceptions="" error="" authtime="0" dnstime="0" cattime="0" avscantime="0" fullreqtime="5999" device="0" auth="0" country="China"

First seen in

Sophos UTM


On your Sophos UTM you have Country Blocking enabled for China and Google has routed traffic through their servers located in China.  Hence this is not a UTM related problem or unexpected behavior as it is caused by accessing a service or host with an IP addresses located in China.

Note: All other Firewall manufactures which utilize Country Blocking are affected as well.  It also seems to be a problem with different GeoIP Providers, as some show the IP in China others in California.

What To Do

Disable Country blocking for China.

  1. Login to the WebAdmin 
  2. Go under Network Protection | Firewall | Country blocking
  3. Change China to 'Off'
  4. Click on 'Apply' at the bottom

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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