SafeGuard Enterprise BitLocker Client does not start to encrypt. Management Center reports "Not prepared" for the machine.

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  • Updated: 09 Oct 2015


The SafeGuard Enterprise 6.10 Client was installed with the BitLocker module and the Operating System should be protected with BitLocker encryption.
The SafeGuard Client can communicate with the SafeGuard Enterprise Server (Policies, Keys and Certificates get transferred) but the encryption of the Client does not start.

The SafeGuard Management Center shows "Not prepared" in the Clients inventory section:


First seen in
SafeGuard BitLocker Client 6.10.0

Operating systems
Windows 7,
Windows 8, 8.1


The Client was not prepared for BitLocker Drive Encryption (the 100/350 MB system partition is missing on the Client) and therefore, the SafeGuard Client cannot start the encryption of the Client.

What To Do

On the affected Client machine, open the Windows Disk Management Tool (Start > Run ... > Diskmgmt.msc) and check if "Disk 0" has a 100/350 MB partition listed called "System Reserved".

Example from a Windows 7 Client:


In case that the 100/350 MB "System Reserved" partition does not exists, use the Microsoft BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool (BdeHdCfg.exe)  to automatically shrink the current Operating System partition (e.g. C:) by 100/350 MB and create the "System Reserved" partition.



After the "System Reserved" partition was created successfully, the SafeGuard BitLocker Client will start with the encryption process after the machine was restarted.


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