Reduced performance of ThinApps in streaming mode when used with Sophos Secure Virtual Machine

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  • Updated: 05 Feb 2014


When using the Sophos Secure Virtual Machine (SSVM) with VMware ThinApps in streaming mode some degradation in performance can be noticed resulting in longer load times for the applications. 

First seen in
Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield 1.0.0


This can be caused when the SSVM is configured to scan remote files which increases the workload as each remote application is scanned as they are launched. 

What To Do

Either disable remote file scanning or create exclusions specifically for the applications:

Disable remote file scanning

Remote file scanning can be disabled in the policy via Sophos Enterprise Console.

  1. Edit the the Anti-Virus and HIPS policy
  2. Select the On-access scanning 'Configure' button
  3. On the Windows Exclusions tab check the 'Exclude remote files' option

Exclude individual applications

If the remote file scanning must remain enabled, individual exclusions can be added for each application. 

  1. Identify the name of ThinApp as created by the ThinApp creator e.g. for MS Office:
    • Microsoft Office Excel 2007.exe
    • Microsoft Office Word 2007.exe
    • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.exe
  2. Within Sophos Enterprise Console, in the Anti-Virus Policy, add the name of applications, as created by ThinApps, to the list of exclusions.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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