'Installation is almost Complete' warning at the end of Sophos Cloud installer

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At the end of the installation of Sophos Cloud on Windows you receive the following warning message dialog:

Installation is almost Complete

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control has been installed.
An internet connection is required for registration, updates and configuration.

Registration, updates and configuration will being when a connection becomes available.

In addition to the above, the following symptoms can be observed:

  • Right clicking on the Sophos shield icon in the notification tray and select the 'Configure updating' menu item will show:
  • The 'Primary location' tab has a blank address, username and password.
  • When viewing the log file of AutoUpdate (Clicking on the 'View Log File' button on the 'Logging' tab) you see the message:
    Sophos AutoUpdate could not continue due to a missing or wrong item of information in the config file.

    Note: The config file referenced is 'iconn.cfg' which should contain the update address, username and password.  This information is obtained in the updating policy as received from Sophos Cloud following installation and registration.  
  • If you look in 'Programs and Features' or 'Add or Remove Programs' you will only see the following Sophos application installed:
  • Sophos AutoUpdate
  • Sophos Managment Communications System

First seen in
Sophos Cloud Managed Server
Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint


The computer has failed to register with Sophos Cloud and/or the updating policy has not been received by Sophos AutoUpdate: As a result AutoUpdate is unable to download and install Sophos Anti-Virus to complete the installation.

The installer will wait 5 minutes for the computer to register with Sophos Cloud and obtain an updating policy after which the above dialog is displayed.

What To Do

  1. Click 'Finish' on the dialog, and wait for a further 15 minutes. The computer will continue to attempt to register and obtain the updating policy in the background.

  2. After 15 minutes check if the computer has received an updating policy by right-clicking on the Sophos shield icon in the notification tray and choose 'Configure updating'.  If the dialog displays an update location, username and password the client has successfully registered with Sophos Cloud and received an updating policy.

  • If Sophos Anti-Virus has already been downloaded and installed you can launch Sophos Anti-Virus at this stage by right clicking on the shield icon and select 'Open Sophos Endpoint Security Control'.

  • If Sophos AutoUpdate has now been configured but Sophos Anti-Virus has not been downloaded or installed then right click on the Sophos shield icon and choose 'Update now'.

If after waiting 15 minutes the symptoms in the 'Issue' section are still observed, it is suggested you check the Sophos Management Communication (MCS) log files, specifically the MCSClient.log file.  

Note: Information on locating MCS log files can be found in article 119626.

In the first instance you should check if the computer has obtained a unique Computer ID from Sophos Cloud.  

Note: Information on how to check if a computer has obtained a computer ID can be found in article 119652.

Following which checking for HTTP response codes in the MCSClient.log may prove helpful.  For example:

A 503 response code is indicative of the server being busy and asking the computer to back off and retry later.

A 500 error on the other hand would indicate a server side issue and one you should contact Support for assistance.

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If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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