Sophos Cloud for Mac installer shows: 'Download failed. Check your internet connection and try again'

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  • Updated: 21 Jan 2015


When installing the Sophos Cloud Mac client you receive the error message:

Download Failed

Download failed. Check your internet connection and try again.  Contact your computer systems administrator or Sophos Technical Support for further assistance.

In the system logs you see the error message:

Sender PID: Sophos Bootstrap Downloader

Message: [SMEDownloadController.m:[lineNumber]] Download failed with error. (Failed to get remote version)

First seen in
Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint 9.1.3 (Mac)


Providing your internet connection is working this should be a transient error, however if this persists please see the What To Do section below:

What To Do

  1. Download the latest version of from Sophos Cloud. 

  2. Re-Run the new Sophos Cloud for Mac installer.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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