Automatically created users and Central licences

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  • Updated: 14 Apr 2016


The number of Sophos Central licenses used is higher than the number of users being protected due to automatically created accounts.  

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Following the installation of a computer, when it registers with Sophos Central , a new user will automatically be created from the installing user's logon credentials if it can't map the login to an existing login. This is the default behavior when the SophosInstaller.exe download is used rather than using the emailed SophosInstaller.exe link, where an account would have to be created before installation.

A licence is used when a user has one or more devices associated with them and where a managed device does not have a user associated with it as per article 121251.

What To Do

In the case where local accounts are used for administrative purposes only, such as installing software or remote management, we recommend you follow the steps below to consolidate these individual administrative accounts under one Sophos Central user.

  1. Log on to Sophos Central and navigate to 'Users'.

  2. Delete any automatically created user accounts not directly related to your users.  

    For example: A computer may have a local administrator called: 'Computer1\administrator' used for management purposes but the user 'Computer1\john' is the real user of the computer.  In this case the Sophos Central
    licence should be for 'Computer1\john'. 'Computer1\administrator' can just be added to an administrative user in Sophos Central to prevent two licences being used where this is common scenario across multiple computers and users.

  3. Create a new user in Sophos Central called 'Administrators' and assign such user logins to it.

  4. Assign appropriate polices to the new 'Administrators' user.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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