Error 'The LDAP directory is not available at the moment' is shown when a user tries to register a device via the SSP

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  • Updated: 14 Nov 2014


Adding a device using the Sophos Mobile Control Self Service Portal is not possible.
In the task details, the following error is displayed:
'The LDAP directory is not available at the moment - error code -34

However, the required LDAP server was online and the credentials used to connect to the directory are still valid

First seen in
Sophos Mobile Control 3.5

Fixed in
Sophos Mobile Control 4.0


This might be related to an incorrect behavior of Sophos Mobile Control if an eDirectory or Domino Server is used as Directory Server.

What To Do

Make sure you have installed the Sophos Mobile Control 3.5.1 patch.

After successfully installing the patch, connect to the SMC database using the SQL Management Studio and create a new query. Put the following line into the query and execute it.

INSERT INTO SMCDB.dbo.customerproperty (CustomerID, PropertyKey, Value) VALUES ('X', 'ldap.0.Type', '%Directory_Type%');

Note: 'X' is the Customer ID of the affected Sophos Mobile Control customer. To get the customer ID you can have a look at the dbo.customer table within the SMC database and use the required customer IDs. The script has to be executed for every SMC customer using this type directory.
Please replace the variable %Directory_Type% either with 'eDirectory' or 'Domino' depending on the Directory Server being in use. Make sure the correct notation is used as this setting is case sensitive.

After executing this script the way the Sophos Mobile Control Server does an LDAP lookup is changed and the rollout of devices should work again.

This issue is solved with Sophos Mobile Control 4.0.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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