Other Sophos software is already installed on this computer

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  • Updated: 23 Jan 2014


When installing Sophos Cloud managed software you receive the error message:

Unable to Proceed
Other Sophos software is already installed on this computer.

The log file Sophos Endpoint Bootstrap_[TimeStamp].txt contains the following warning message:

ERROR,Other Sophos software is already installed on this computer.,

Information,------------------ Installation program finishing with code 107 ------------------,

First seen in
Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint


The Sophos Cloud installer prevents installation to a computer running certain Sophos products.

What To Do

If the computer has one or more of the following products (as listed in 'Add or Remove Programs' or 'Programs and Features') or components installed these will need to be removed before running the Sophos Cloud installer:

  • Sophos Compliance Agent.
  • Sophos Patch.
  • Sophos Client Firewall.
  • Sophos Encryption as managed by Enterprise Console.

Sophos Anti-Virus will also need to be uninstalled if the following components have been enabled on the computer at some time:

  • Web control.
  • Data control.

Note: The above components are only available for an installation of Sophos Anti-Virus that is managed by Sophos Enterprise Console.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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