Cannot locate server for http://dci.sophosupd

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The Logviewer.exe program shows the following error.

Error Failed to update the log viewer dictionary: 'Cannot locate server for http://dci.sophosupd......xml".
Error Failed to check update source status: 'Cannot locate server for http://dci.sophosupd......xml".

The SUM trace logs will show something like this...

2010-02-08 22:37:52 : Cmd-ALL << [I1021][ActionUpdateMetadata][DispatcherPrograms-2010-02-08T13-37-52-1] Action
'ActionUpdateMetadata' with caller 'DispatcherPrograms-2010-02-08T13-37-52-1' started...
2010-02-08 22:38:35 : Cmd-ALL << [E4017][0][Cannot locate server for] Failed to check warehouse status.
2010-02-08 22:38:35 : Cmd-ALL << [E400D][ActionUpdateMetadata][DispatcherPrograms-2010-02-08T13-37-52-1] Action
'ActionUpdateMetadata' with caller 'DispatcherPrograms-2010-02-08T13-37-52-1' failed!
2010-02-08 22:38:35 : Cmd-ALL << [E400E][DispatcherPrograms-2010-02-08T13-37-52-1] Event with dispatcher ID
'DispatcherPrograms-2010-02-08T13-37-52-1' failed to execute.

Note: The path shown in the failure shows the address, this is because it is the last address in the Sophos source list

First seen in
Sophos Update Manager


Sophos Update Manager (SUM) cannot connect to one or more of the addresses it uses to download updates.

What To Do

The list of addresses that SUM connects to on port 80 is:


Check if you can get to through a web browser on the computer that SUM is installed on.  If you can you should see this: 'it works - authed'

If you cannot connect to the address, or you are still getting the errors described above you should troubleshoot general networking connectivity to all of the addresses.  For example:

  • is there a proxy blocking the address?
  • can you traceroute to the address?
  • is there a scanning firewall (sonicwall, etc) in the way?
  • do you need to change/update your firewall rules?

The list above covers the most common reasons for a SUM connection to fail.

Note: If you need to contact us about SUM fails please run the Sophos Diagnostic Utility on the SUM server and attach the output file.  Also explain your network setup/environment as this helps us to understand the routing of traffic between the SUM server and our databanks.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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