Sophos Mobile Control 3.5: links to product information for Managed Service Providers

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  • Updated: 19 Jun 2014

This article provides links to a range of Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) 3.5 product information, particularly useful to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

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Sophos Mobile Control 3.5

Links to SMC 3.5 information

As a Managed Service Provider who is going to provide Sophos Mobile Control as a Managed Service for your customers, the following pdf covers most of the setup information you will require:

 SMC as a managed service.pdf

Additional useful information for MSPs can be found here:

1. SMC installation prerequisites form - please check all information provided in this document before you install SMC

2. Manuals for SMC:

3. SMC 3.5 release notes - provides latest product information and a list of system requirements for SMC

4. SMC MSP Guide to Sophos Technical Support.pdf

5. A range of useful Knowledgebase Articles:

6. Installation and configuration videos in Brainshark:

7. How to get further support:


If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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