Error message "Your account is locked" during login at the Sophos Mobile Control web console

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  • Updated: 26 Nov 2015


I am trying to login at the Sophos Mobile Control web console. After providing my customer name, user name and password I receive the error message "Your account is locked".

First seen in
Sophos Mobile Control 3.6


Within the setting of Sophos Mobile Control a password policy was defined for the maximum number of failed logins.
This error message indicates that you have reached the number of failed logins and therefore the account was locked.

What To Do

In order to be able to login again you have to use the reset password functionality for this user.
To do so, click on the "Forgot password?" link right beneath the password field.

Provide your customer name as well as the user name. A link to reset the password is send to the email address configured for this user account.
Open the email and click on the link provided within this mail to generate a one time password.
A Sophos Mobile Control web console page will open in your browser saying that an email with a new password has been sent.

This email contains a one-time password. Enter your customer, user name and the one time password.
After a successful login you are asked to configure a new password.

If the super administrator account is locked which was initially created during the installation follow this procedure:

  1. Use the "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" and connect to the SMC SQL database
  2. Run the following SQL script
    UPDATE dbo.mdm_user set email = '' WHERE userid = '1';
    Please note: "SMCDB" is the default name of an SMC 4 database. Adjust the database name accordingly.
  3. Use the password reset procedure above to reset the account of the super administrator

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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