The Domain NetBIOS name could not be ascertained

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  • Updated: 07 Mar 2016


When attempting to perform a synchronization with Active Directory from within the SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center, you are presented with a dialogue stating that the "Domain NetBIOS name could not be ascertained".



A side-affect of this issue can be, that "autoregistered" clients are not moved to their correct location in the AD structure after the synchronization.


First seen in
SafeGuard Management Center / Local Policy Editor



The most common cause for this is that the incorrect username format when configuring the LDAP connection.

What To Do

In the SafeGuard Management Center, open Tools > Options > Directory and modify your username so that it is in User Principal Name format (username@fqdn) rather than Down-Level Logon Name format (domain\username).


If the issue persists, the reason could be DNS changes / problems on the DNS / DHCP Server or on the Client DNS Settings:

  • wrong IP Settings / DNS Server entered on the Client PC
  • wrong / missing DHCP Scope Options for 006 DNS Servers
  • missing reverse Lookup Zone / Pointer (PTR) for DNS Server on the DNS Server


Check with nslookup if the Client which is running the Management Console can resolve the IP Adresse of the Server.

cmd > nslookup (your Server IP)

If nslookup reports an error, check the Client IP Settings and / or DNS Server Settings.


Alternatively, the error can be caused due to insufficient rights on the local machine (logged on user). This can be checked using the nbtstat tool.

Error message nbtstat: Failed to access NetBT driver -- NetBT may not be loaded

(This error occurs when the logged on user has insufficient rights).

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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