Error "Could not resolve active sync id to a device" occurs in the EAS Proxy log when trying to retrieve emails on an Android device

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  • Updated: 30 Jul 2015


Email synchronization via the Exchange ActiveSync Proxy of Sophos Mobile Control is not possible.

In the easproxy.log I can see the following lines:

verify user '' with active sync id 'ACTIVESYNCID', deviceType is 'DEVICETYPE', user-agent is 'SOMETHING-AB-C1234/123.12345', protocol version is '2.5', request method is 'OPTIONS'
easproxy.db.DataBaseAccess could not find database entry for ActiveSync id ACTIVESYNCID
smartphone_solutions.easproxy.ProxyServlet active sync id is unknown, try to resolve username to a device
smartphone_solutions.easproxy.ActiveSyncIdResolver failed to resolve active sync id 'ACTIVESYNCID', could not find a matching device
smartphone_solutions.easproxy.ProxyServlet could not resolve active sync id 'ACTIVESYNCID' to a device

First seen in
Sophos Mobile Control 3.0
Sophos Mobile Control 2.5.0

Operating systems


This behavior could be recognized if the user has not added an LDAP link to a device or the sAMAccount property is missing in the device details of the device which should belong to the user.

What To Do

To solve this behavior, you have two different possibilities.

  1. If you are using a Microsoft Active Directory Server as LDAP server, you could create an LDAP link for this device to an Active Directory user.
    This way, the property "sAMAccountName" is added to the device details which is looked up during the first ActiveSync contact of a device with the SMC server. Information how to add an LDAP link can be found in chapter 21.3.1 of the Sophos Mobile Control 3.0 manual.
  2. Add the internal property "sAMAccountName" manually to the "Custom properties" within the device details.
    As "Name" use "sAMAccountName" as "Value" you should use the users mailbox account logon name.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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