Linux/UNIX cheat sheet command list

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  • Updated: 18 Jul 2014

This article provides a list of Linux/UNIX command with their Windows equivalent.

This list helps with understanding how to navigate and test using Linux. Note that Linux/UNIX is Case Sensitive, so commands must be in lower case, and case must be followed when typing file/directory names (e.g., Savservice is not the same as savservice)

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix
Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux

Operating systems

List of commands

TAB TAB File/Directory name completion

Linux Command Windows Equivalent Description
ifconfig ipconfig List the IP configuration
ls -la dir Lists the directory contents. –la means all attributes in long form. ls alone will give you a list of files, but not details
cd .. cd.. Note the space. To go up a directory in Linux, you have to put the space in.
sudo <command> UAC Sudo tells the system to perform the command as root. This is like UAC on Windows.
chmod a+<w/r/x> <filename> Windows security permissions Chmod changed the rights to a file. a+ indicates it applies to all users and groups. w adds write, r adds read, x adds execute.
grep <terms> Windows Search (Sorta) Grep searches the output for the terms specified and outputs the lines
wc -l none Counts the number of lines in the output.
| Similar to > The | symbol sends the output to the next command in line. Eg: ls –la | grep <terms> | wc –l would give you the count of how many files that match the terms are in the directory.
> > Redirection of output to file works the same as DOS, except there MUST be a space after the > in linux.
tail / head none Print out the last 10/first 10 lines of a text file

Important directories:

  • /opt/sophos-av/ Where we install Sophos
  • /opt/sophos-av/bin The Sophos exectuables
  • /mnt/ Where shares are located
  • /etc/init.d/ Startup files

Commands in the /opt/sophos-av/bin directory (All commands run with just the file name (no directory path) must be preceded by ./)

Command What it does
savconfig Allows configuration of policies
savdcdl Enable/disable on-access scanning. (use enable or disable to turn on/off)
savdstatus Reports if SAV is running or not
Savdstatus --diagnose Runs an SDU
savlog Outputs the contents of the sav.txt log. Use --help to get additional options
savscan Manual scanner (CLI)
savsetup Prompts for setup information (eg: autoupdate)
savupdate –v5 Savupdate runs an update. –v5 makes it verbose to screen.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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