SafeGuard Enterprise Task Scheduler: Last run result shows failure 805306373

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  • Updated: 07 Apr 2016


A scheduled Active Directory synchronization using the SafeGuard Enterprise Task Scheduler fails with error 805306373.

First seen in
SafeGuard Management Center / Local Policy Editor 5.60.0
SafeGuard Enterprise Server 5.60.0


The synchronization with the Active Directory fails because not all domains that are to be synchronized by the SafeGuard Task Scheduler are available.

What To Do

Make sure that all domains that are synchronized into the SafeGuard database are available when the automatic Active Directory synchronization is being executed. If the domain controller from a domain is not available, objects cannot be synchronized into the SafeGuard database.

Hint: If more than one domain is imported into the SafeGuard database and only one of the imported domains is not available during the scheduled synchronization, the Task Scheduler's last run result will display error 805306373, but the available domains won't be affected and will be imported (This can be verified from the synclog.csv).

The Task Scheduler's synclog will show the following lines for the non-available domains:

14.01.2013 13:35:26 Synchronization startet. Success
14.01.2013 13:35:38 The synchronization failed due to the error: ADMERR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND Failure





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