How to find Application Identifier codes used in Sophos Mobile Control

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  • Updated: 29 Jun 2015

This article explains how to determine the Application Identifier codes required to add apps to the allowed / not allowed applications list within Sophos Mobile Control

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Mobile Control

What To Do

For Android:

  1. Verify the name of the application you would like to Allowed/ Not Allowed
  2. Search in Google for the application name and open the site of the Google Play Store
  3. In the Play Store, copy the URL that links directly to the app, for example:
  4. To obtain the identifier for an app using the URLs as above you will need to copy the sections after the id, for example:

  5. Once you have this information, add the identifier code and the application name as it appears on the store, into the Sophos Mobile Control Console

For iOS:

  1. Install the application in question on a test device which is registered on a Sophos Mobile Control Server
  2. After synchronizing, log in to your Sophos Mobile Control web console
  3. Go to your test device and open the 'Installed software' tab
  4. Search for your application in question and copy the information in the column 'Identifier'
  5. Use this information for the Allowed / Not Allowed app list in your Sophos Mobile Control console

As of Sophos Mobile Control 5.0 you can also use the following procedure for iOS apps if you don't want to install the app on a device.

  1. Log in to the Sophos Mobile Control web console
  2. Go to "Apps | Apple iOS"
  3. Press the "Add app" button and select "iOS link". The "Edit iOS link" view appears
  4. Press the "Search in AppStore" button and enter the app name and your country code to specify the store you want to search in and press the "Search" button
  5. Once the results are displayed, select the app in question
  6. The "App identifier" field now shows the actual identifier of the app which can be used for the compliance rules

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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