During the upgrade of SafeGuard Enterprise Configuration Protection, the Sophos Client firewall reports to allow all data traffic

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  • Updated: 05 Jan 2015


During the upgrade of Sophos SafeGuard Configuration Protection 6.00.0 to 6.00.1, the Sophos Client Firewall fails to block data traffic and is unable to restart after a reboot. The Sophos Anti-Virus Client is unable to perform a scan and the Sophos tray icon will no longer be displayed.

First seen in

SafeGuard Configuration Protection 6.0
SafeGuard  Configuration Protection 6.00.1

Operating systems
Windows XP
Windows Vista x86
Windows 7 x86

x64 Operating Systems are not affected!


During the upgrade from Sophos SafeGuard Configuration Protection 6.00.0 to 6.00.1 (actually during the uninstall of SGNCPClient.msi), the registry hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sophos will be deleted entirely by the setup process. The registry hive will be restored after a reboot but cannot be completely restored.

What To Do

A hotfix for the Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Configuration Protection 6.x upgrade scenario is available. Please note that with the hotfix, the SafeGuard Configuration Protection 6.x upgrade procedure changes (in a good way, no uninstall of the old Sophos SafeGuard Configuration Protection Client is required anymore and therefore a previously required reboot can be skipped).

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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