Sophos Mobile Control: Provisioning Android tablets and iPads via email

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  • Updated: 18 Sep 2015

Android and Apple iOS devices can be initially provisioned by email instead of SMS. This provisioning method can be used for devices which do not support SMS, for example iPads and Android tablets

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Mobile Control 5.1
Sophos Mobile Control 5.0
Sophos Mobile Control 4.0
Sophos Mobile Control 3.6

What To Do


  • A mail server needs to be configured during Sophos Mobile Control installation.
  • For further details, see the Sophos Mobile Control installation guide.
  • The provisioning email needs to be properly configured.
  • An email account (personal or corporate email account) needs to be available on the devices to be provisioned
  • The email addresses must be specified when the devices are added to Sophos Mobile Control manually or by import.
  • The device phone number must be 0

How to provision a device (Sophos Mobile Control 4 or lower):

  1. Open Sophos Mobile Control Administration console
  2. Ensure prerequisites have been followed
  3. For iOS devices create a task bundle with the first task being "Bootstrap the iOS MDM client. After creating the task bundle sent it to the the device or device group you wish to manage
  4. For Android devices select "Client packages" on the left hand side. Click on the "Transfer" button and select the device or device group you wish to manage and deploy the SMC client.
  5. An email will be sent to the device(s) requested


For Sophos Mobile Control 5.0 or higher.

As of Sophos Mobile Control 5.0 enrollment via SMS is not supported anymore and a new enrollment process was introduced.

With Sophos Mobile Control 5.0 enrollment emails are sent out directly to the users' mailbox. An email account is not required anymore on the device. Within those enrollment email a QR code is inserted. Users have to scan this QR code first with a separate QR code reader or manually install the Sophos Mobile Control application via the respective app store. Afterwards, the QR code can be scanned again to get the necessary configuration for Sophos Mobile Control.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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