SafeGuard Enterprise Client installation stops with error 5014 (SGN#1452)

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  • Updated: 13 Apr 2015


SafeGuard Enterprise Client installation fails with Error 5014 (SGN#1452) when the POACFG parameter is included in the installation via MSIEXEC.

The installation logfile shows the following error:

Error 5014. Installation of Base Encryption components has failed! (SGN#1452)
CustomAction ExecInstall.DDC9D041_01CA_426E_B0B1_C2EE76DEC2BA returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)

First seen in
SafeGuard Device Encryption 6.0


The command “msiexec” can't handle a relative path unless you put the installation files into the same path as the “msiexec.exe”.

What To Do

Put the POACFG file locally and use the absolute path (POACFG=c:\installation\POACFG_as_of_5_60.xml) to the POACFG file instead of a relative path. If the POACFG file is located on a network folder (e.g. \\share1\software\tools\POACFG_as_of_5_60.xml), the folder must be mapped with a drive letter on the client first.

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