Enterprise Console reports installation failed: Error fffffffd computer not managed

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  • Updated: 27 Nov 2015


Enterprise Console reports installation failed on endpoint computer with the following errors:

Error fffffffd This computer is not yet managed. It is protected but has not yet reported back its status.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.1.0


The installation has run on the endpoint computer but for one or more reasons the Remote Management System - the component responsible for sending information back to the central server - did not install successfully, or more likely a firewall is blocking TCP ports 8192 and 8194.

What To Do


Firewall conflict

If either the endpoint or management server are using a firewall, confirm they have been correctly configured.  For information on firewall configuration see Sophos endpoint deployment guide.


Note: Ensure any central group policy has reached the endpoint computer.  If you have Windows 2008/2012 (i.e., a server with a Windows firewall), ensure that computer has all necessary firewall exceptions too.

Remote Management System (RMS) not installed on the endpoint.

  1. On the affected endpoint navigate to the taskbar, click Start|Run. Type appwiz.cpl and press return.
  2. Confirm Sophos Remote Management System is installed.
  3. If Sophos Remote Management System is not installed, please check AutoUpdate log for any errors installing RMS and correct them.

Remote Management System (RMS) conflict on the endpoint.

  1. Check the 'View Sophos Network Communications Report' within Start | Run | All Programs | Sophos | Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, for any errors of communication.

  2. Check the RMS logs for errors, review the Router.log and Agent.log on the endpoint.

    Errors listed marked with an E, like the following:

    05.03.2013 11:52:53 00B4 E Failed to get parent router IOR
    05.03.2013 11:52:53 00B4 E Failed to get certificate, retrying in 600 seconds

  3. From the report and logs above, it maybe clear there are communication issues which can be caused various issues including:


If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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