Encryption events are displayed in the Encryption event viewer or Computer Detail as question marks ('???')

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  • Updated: 13 Jun 2012


You are connecting to a non Japanese Sophos management server with a remote console running on a Japanese system.  

In this scenario Encryption events are not correctly displayed in the Encryption event viewer or Computer Detail.  Most of the message is shown as question marks ('???').

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.1.0


The steps below explain how to re-create the issue and therefore may help understand how it was caused.

  1. Install the management server on a computer with an English OS.
  2. Install Remote console only on the another machine with a Japanese OS.
  3. Deploy the encryption agent to an endpoint computer and generate some encryption errors/events (i.e., failed log ons, etc.) on the endpoint computer.
  4. Open the Encryption event on the English server - all message should be shown in English.
  5. Open the Encryption event on the Japanese server - most of message is shown as ????

Characters shown as question marks ('???') have failed to be translated.  This is a known issue assigned defect number DEF82431.  This issue will be fixed in an future release.

What To Do

See article 113411 to translate the encryption events.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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