Cleanup fails when using the Sophos Virus Removal Tool

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  • Updated: 27 Feb 2013


Sometimes the Sophos Virus Removal Tool will find malware but is unable to clean it.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Virus Removal Tool

What To Do

If you are a Sophos customer, and you are unable to clean the malware, you should also try the Sophos Malware Remediation Toolkit (SMaRT)

this will walk you through a series of cleanup processes.

If you are not  a Sophos customer, send us a sample and we will analyze it and improve the cleanup. Below are the links to Sophos sample submission page and a Knowledgebase article explaining how to submit.

Important: if you are not already a Sophos customer, when you submit a sample please leave the 'company name' field blank.

We are always working on improving our cleanup and detection, so any feedback or samples are greatly appreciated.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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