Creating a customized POA Configuration File for Sophos Disk Encryption

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  • Updated: 29 Oct 2015


Computers that are not listed on the hardware compatibility list and that require a special configuration in the Sophos Disk Encryption Client's POA (i.e. due to an incompatible display adapter, VGA mode has to be used instead of VESA mode) have to be manually adjusted so that the POA is loaded correctly.

First seen in

Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61.0
Beta Endpoint Security and Control 10.0 (encryption)

What To Do

In Sophos Disk Encryption (Sophos Enterprise Console 10.1 / Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61), creating customized POA configuration files for installation purpose is not supported.

If the installation of Sophos Disk Encryption fails due to the fact that a POA configuration setting is required but cannot be implemented in the setup, please use the tool HWInfo from KBA 110285 "SafeGuard products: How to gather hardware information for the POA settings generator" to gather machine specific information and open a Sophos Support Request, referring to this KBA.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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